Disney’s Streaming service is a win.

We all have heard of the new streaming service Disney+. If you haven’t heard of Disney’s newest service then here is a little bit of catchup. Disney announced a couple of months back that it would have a competing streaming service where you would be able to see all things Disney. They announced that they would have old movies and shows as well as new original series specifically for the app. I went ahead and downloaded the service just to see what’s happening on there. Disney+ was launched on the 12th of November (Yesterday depending on when you’re reading this.) I looked around to see what shows the service would start with. I can say that it’s worth the $6.99 a month only because they do have one of my favorite shows which is The Simpsons. I didn’t realize that Disney now owns the Simpsons. So, my question is will it still stream on Hulu or just Disney+. Now there have been reports of some Simpsons fans being upset over it being widescreen. They feel that it cuts off some of the jokes within the animation. I personally have no problem with it because the show is old and they are trying their best to make it viewable for customers.

Ok now on to what’s in the app. We already covered The Simpsons now being on Disney+. They have their new movie lady and the tramp exclusively on the app. I was disappointed because I would have loved to see that in theaters. They have some really nice short movies like Float which is about a man and his magical floating son. I’ll be touching on that movie in another blog post. The service has a new High School Musical series, The Mandalorian which I checked out and it’s a really good show and a The World According to Jeff Goldblum. They even have a section called out of the vault which has The Lion King, Aladdin, and an oldie but goodie The Rescuers. They have some of their live action films and Disney channel series like That’s so Raven, Boy meets world, Smart House, another oldie but goodie Darkwing Duck and even Zenon Girl of the 21st Century.

The service also has all the Star Wars movies up to Rogue One. They have nature documentaries and lots of kids shows (of course!) They have all but four marvel moves which will be released soon. one thing I thought was very cool was that when I needed to log in to my account on my Firestick all I had to do was open the app and it would log me in. That’s a seriously awesome feature I feel like that will help a lot of people who have the worst time remembering their passwords. The streaming app works a lot like Hulu but looks like Netflix. I would love to see what else they have in store for Disney+ until then I’m going to enjoy all the nostalgic shows and movies and teleport back to the 90’s.      

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