Happy Anniversary Neopets.com

Imagine being 11 years old again. You’ve had a long day at school and you rush home to the computer. The homepage for your internet explorer browser is your favorite website. That website is called Neopets. For some the name doesn’t mean anything, but to others this was a daily routine. This year marks Neopets’ 20th anniversary. Neopets is an online website where you can raise, play with, battle and even dress up your character which is called a Neopet. The Neopets characters are kind of like Digimon and Pokémon mixed together. They come in a variety of species and colors. You can go to different worlds such as Fairieland, Lost Desert, Haunted Woods or even Neopia Central. In the different worlds you can buy clothing, food, furniture, and even instruments for your neopet to play with. There are games to play that you can earn Neopoints which is currency on the site. Another form of currency is Neocash which you can purchase online or at a retailer near you. There are many ways to earn Neopoints but games are the way to go. 

So now that I’ve caught you up or even jogged your memory, let’s talk about my new experience on Neopets. I took the time out to play on the site and see what’s new and what has remained the same on the site. For one week I played around to see if it still had its magical hold on people of all ages. I signed up with the name queenpediiwrites and chose an Usul colored blue as my Neopet. A Usul is a prissy dog type of Neopet. I named her Renpet_Laila after my awesome emotional support animal. I started exploring the worlds that were at my fingertips. I visited the money tree and grabbed some free items from there. Next, I went to the Neopian bank and deposited 2500 Neopoints that I received for signing up with the site. I also received 150 Neocash and 2500 more Neopoints from the newest addition a slot machine like game called Trudy’s Surprise. I wasn’t able to go to Coltzan’s Shrine or tombola because my account wasn’t more than 24-48 hours old.

So, I decided to head to the healing springs to see what was for sale. I bought a couple of potions and got my pet healed. I noticed that in order to finish setting up my account I had to feed my pet. I did with an Icky omelette. Sadly, that was a horrible choice because my pet got sick with the Ugga Ugga. Yes, the pets get sick and you have to go to the hospital and then the pharmacy. Basically, my neopet had a really bad sore throat. I looked around for hours for the medicine to cure her. Out of nowhere she was healed so I’m not too sure what happened there. They also have a mobile game that gives out about 50,000 NP a day called Ghoul Catchers. It is a match three game and the number of points you receive depends on the stars you earn. One star you get 350, two stars 600 and three stars you get 1000 NP. It’s well worth playing because you can buy so much within the site.

I bought Renpet_Laila a flower dress for 150 NC. With all the neopoints I’d earned from playing the game on my phone I went on a shopping spree. I bought lipstick, more dresses, wigs toys and instruments. Needless to say, my pet is extremely pleased. I do wish that you could hold more than 50 items in your inventory. Luckily, you’re able to put things away in your gallery, safety deposit box, closet or shed. I even put her up in the Neolodge for three days. All things were included from food to a jacuzzi. It cost me 1681 NP to give my Neopet a relaxing vacation she deserved. I can say that I am enjoying the updates that they’ve made to the site. I think the stories of how there have been wars in different places adds a nice touch of realness to the game. Like they are living their lives while you are away from the computer.

HAPPY 20th Anniversary!!!!!!!

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My name is Queen Pedii. I write stories, event reviews and fan fiction. I own a business (Queen Pedii), Web Radio Show (Pedii Talks Music), a Gaming show (Pedii Talks Gaming) and a mobile app (Brighter Day App). Want me to do a specific event contact me at queenpediiwrites@gmail.com

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