The Impossible Burger. How is it Possible?

I stepped into Bar Louie at Gallery Place Chinatown for dinner recently and tried some of their newest items. When we first entered the establishment our server Ivan greeted us and asked whether we wanted to be seated where we would be able to have a conversation (which was totally perfect). She was awesome and made sure that we had everything that we needed. The cleanliness and the music created an enjoyable ambience while we consumed our food.

The first item I tried was their Pineapple rye crush is a great blend of pineapple, vanilla, lemon juice and the Jim Beam rye which gives it an amazing kick. They also give you a nice sized slice of pineapple for the side of the glass.

Next I tried their newest flavor of wings named the Signature Jalapeño Honey Wings. The skin of the wings were perfectly crispy, the meat was moist and flavorful. The jalapeños that garnished the dish were sweet and spicy. This dish came with chunky blue cheese dressing and chipotle sauce on the side. I would definitely recommend dipping your chicken in both sauces.

Now on to the Grand Finale The Impossible Burger is exactly how it is advertised THIS BURGER IS IMPOSSIBLE. This burger is a veggie burger that has a taste that disguises itself as meat. Most restaurants will say “Hey my burger tastes exactly like meat, but it’s not.” But that isn’t always the case. I will admit I went into it somewhat doubtful, but I am very glad to say that I was proven wrong. The brioche bun was soft and toasted to perfection. This awesome burger was adorned with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise and ketchup. Not only did it taste like meat the texture was very meaty as well. This is the perfect burger if you’re just starting your vegan adventure.

I truly enjoyed myself here and will definitely be going back. Also I love the mirror in the bathroom.

UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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