The Sims 4 Get Famous Review

Hello, Simmers. Today I am going to review the newest installment of the Sims 4 franchise, The Sims 4 Get Famous. This expansion pack has great new features that keeps the game relevant to this day and age. Get famous is the expansion pack for everyone who is infatuated with the lives of celebrity sims. There are so many ways that you could become famous in this game. So, let’s start off with the new features that have been added to the game. 

Get Famous has given us new outfits such as jackets, pants for makeup artists, and costumes for actors. They even added new dresses, suits, shoes, and hairstyles. We have been given the new active career field of acting. This new career is another addition to the careers where you can go to work with them and complete certain tasks in order to get promoted. New items that have been added are drones, video editors, and recording studios, bars, sleeping pods, money safes, doors that go on lockdown, and even a celestial crystal crown. Also added are directors’ cameras, set pieces, costume changing platforms, and even a hair and makeup chair. We also have a new town named Del Sol—this is where all of the celebrities live and hang out. We have new traits such as the self-absorbed trait. The two new aspirations are world famous celebrity and master actor. We have the fame system that includes fame perks so that you can purchase different opportunities for your fame level. The game now has new food such as caviar and crackers. 

So now let’s get to the gameplay. When you start the game after you’ve made a new Sim, you are sent to Del Sol Valley. As previously mentioned, this is where all of the celebrities hang out and live their life. When your Sim goes out to different places in the world, they have a huge chance of running into a celebrity. Sometimes the celebrities are very nice and then others are stuck up. It’s better to start out asking for an autograph or a selfie instead of trying to introduce yourself. The higher up the celebrity is the more likely you’ll get a bad response from the introduction interaction. There are many ways that you can begin to earn fame and become a celebrity. The easiest way is to start posting on social media as well as uploading videos and Vlogs which you can earn money for as well. You can buy a drone and start to stream your daily life. You can earn followers and fame from this interaction. You can become an actor which can also give you fame. The actor career is an active career and you have to complete tasks such as get in the makeup chair, change into costumes, rehearse scenes, practice acting, and telling the director that you are ready to perform your scene. After you have alerted the director, you have the choices to perform the risky or safe scene. Depending on your acting skill level you may bomb or succeed. The new social events for celebrities are the fan meet and greet and charity events. The meet and greets are where you can call up different people and fans that your Sim knows and have conversations, drinks, food and fun. Charity events are a tad bit more serious because you have to raise $10,000 and schmooze with other celebrities to get their money. 

The fame system is easy to understand. You have your reputation meter and your fame meter. The more good interactions you do, the better your reputation will be and the more bad interactions you have, like fighting the paparazzi, your reputation will go down. Fame will start to decay unless you have the world-famous celebrity trait. You have fame quirks that can help you gain fame such as paparazzi darling, junk mail, public number, juice enthusiast, and vain. You have different perks that you can purchase like being sponsored by corporations, being noticeable, being able to start a career you previously had at the same stage you left at, being able to start celebrity feuds, and having an entourage. Del Sol Valley holds the award ceremony the starlight accolades where you are awarded for being excellent in your career. Overall, the game is awesome and I’m enjoying every bit of it. If you haven’t played The Sims before, I would definitely suggest playing it now.

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