The Figure Outside

It was an unusually quiet night. Gloria sat at her computer typing away as usual. Her dog lay right beside her. She bent down to pet her. “How are you Genie.” The brown and black German Shepherd stood up and wagged her tail. Gloria returned to her work. She was an olive complexion with long brown hair, that is pulled back into a ponytail and brown eyes. Moments later Genie hopped up to the window and began growling at the darkness. She then began to whine as if she was frightened. Gloria got up to see what the dog had discovered. She looked out into the darkness and saw nothing. The dog continued to growl and whine. “It’s okay, calm down no one is there girl.” She said as she petted her on the head. Genie was persistent she began to bark louder at the darkness. Gloria went into the kitchen to get a treat. “Here girl! Come get a treat.”

The dog ran up and grabbed the treat out of her hand. “There you go girl.” She said. She walked back to her computer to find that her browser had been closed out. “I wonder how that happened.” She thought to herself. She sat down and opened the browser again. moments later the dog jumped back up to the window and began to aggressively growl into the darkness. Gloria ignored the dog and continued searching the web. Genie would not let up. This time when Gloria came to the window, she saw a figure outside. She was frozen in fear and couldn’t believe her eyes.

The figure was six feet in height. It was too dark outside to see any features. Out of nowhere the figure let out a loud animal like scream. She closed the window and called Genie to follow her. Gloria ran into her bedroom and locked the door. She grabbed her phone off the charger and dialed 911. “911 what’s your emergency.” the operator asked. “Hi, there is someone or something outside of my home. It’s…it’s tall and it made this weird noise.” She had trouble trying to get the words out. “Just calm down Miss. What’s your name?” The operator asked. “My name is Gloria Bynum.” She replied. She was shaking so bad that she almost dropped her phone. “Gloria…Gloria… are you still there?” The operator kept repeating over and over. She got herself together and returned to her conversation with the operator. “Yes, I’m still here.” Gloria replied. She started pacing back and forth in the room. “Gloria can you describe what you saw?” she asked. “Yes, it was tall and definitely looked like a man.” She replied.

Gloria could hear the animal like scream again. This time it sounded like whoever was outside was near the front door. “Please, help it’s at my front door!” she screamed. “Okay, Gloria calm down. Tell me what’s your address?” she asked. “My address is 3682 Forthrive Ln.” She frantically replied. “Alright, Ma’am we have units on the way just remain calm and stay in a locked room.” The operator said. Her phone cut off the call before she could tell the operator okay. She ran to her closet and called Genie in with her. She grabbed some hangers and stilettos. She could hear whatever it was jangling her front doorknob. She could hear the banging on the door and then glass breaking. She held onto Genie tighter and hoped that she wouldn’t make any noise. She prayed that the police would get there before anything bad happened. She could hear more banging on the door and finally the door burst open. She could hear the footsteps walking through the house. Genie began to make a low growl. “Shh…Genie it’s okay girl.” she comforted. She petted her and she calmed down.

Gloria could hear the heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. She clenched the hanger in one hand and the stiletto in the other. Her bedroom doorknob began to jiggle. The intruder screamed and caused Genie to begin frantically barking. The figure began to scream and throw itself against the door. Gloria began to softly cry. The tears rolled down her face, but she knew she had to keep strong. She knew that would only get out of here alive if she had the courage. She was able t see how hard the door was being hit through the flap openings in her closet. The door finally gave way. She could finally see what had been stalking her all night. It was gray in color, had scaly skin and red glaring eyes. The monster had huge claws that were not proportionate to its arms. It started to sniff around the room. It must have caught her scent because the monster’s attention went straight to the closet door. There was a pungent odor. The monster began creeping closer to the door. Gloria held on to her only weapons. The monster was now right at the door. She felt the monsters’ hot breath on her face. With its big hands it swung the door open. Gloria with all her might shoved her stiletto into one of his eyes. The monster fell back to the floor and screamed. She ran out of the room as fast as she could still clutching onto the hanger. Genie and Gloria ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

She plugged in her curling iron and continued to look for more weapons. Out of the window she could see the red and blue lights. “Thank you.” She said to herself. She heard the voices of the officers coming in her house and coming up the stairs. She could also hear the monster still screaming. The officer’s footsteps lead into her bedroom. “Freeze! Put your hands up.” An officer screamed. “Oh my God! What is that?” She heard another officer yell. “Shoot it!” The first officer exclaimed. Gloria could hear the shots firing. She had never been so frightened in her life. The dog began to bark loudly. “In the tub girl.” She commanded. She could hear the officers calling for backup. “Officer down! Officer Down!” He yelled. the house fell silent. Her curling iron finished heating up. She could hear footsteps coming down the hall followed by the pungent smell. This time the footsteps were dragging. She looked out the window and got an idea. She opened the window and let Genie jump and run out. She watched as Genie ran down the street and out of view.

The bathroom door began to rock. She picked up her curling iron. She held it like a katana. “Come and get me you bastard.” she said as the door flew open. The monster stood there with neon green colored blood coming out of multiple wounds on its body. She shoved the curling iron into the monsters remaining eye. She turned around and began to climb out of the window. She felt a hand grab her foot. The monster was trying to drag her back inside. “Let me go!” she screamed. She kicked the monster multiple times until it let her go. She dragged the lower half of her body through the window and landed on the roof. Gloria lifted herself up and ran to the edge of the roof. She looked behind her to see the monster climbing out the window. She jumped to the ground, but hurt her ankle on the way down. Gloria mustered the strength to get up and try to run. The monster sent a shockwave on the ground when it landed behind her. The frightened woman fell to the ground. She turned herself over and saw the monster walking straight towards her. The monster was standing above her now. Gloria knew she was about to die. Suddenly, she saw more red and blue flashes followed by gunshots. The monster screamed as each shot rang out. He fell to the ground and an officer rushed to her side. She couldn’t believe it she survived.

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