KOTH Fan Fiction: Prologue

This is a King of the Hill fan fiction that is based four years after the show ended. 

The Hills, Hank And Peggy, are still happily married, but they have a couple of wonderful surprises. Hank and Peggy’s dream of becoming parents again came true and after IVF treatments Peggy found out that she was pregnant with twins three years ago. They now have Jacob and Isabella. These two little three-year-old trouble makers have kept Hank and Peggy on their toes. Hank has been promoted to Co-Manager of Strickland Propane. Peggy is still a Substitute Spanish Teacher. Bobby is 17 years old now. He has a love-hate relationship with his new siblings. He feels like he gets stuck with the kids and an aging Ladybird. He is on the football team as the quarterback and still has a love of comedy. He is the class clown. He has been trying to get his talents out there but has failed to get a viral video yet. He and Connie began dating again in their sophomore year. Chane and Bobby are still rivals but he has some respect for him because he did make the football team. In his sophomore year Bobby had a growth spurt. He now stands at 6’ 2. 

The Gribbles, Dale and Nancy, are still married. Dale still doesn’t know that John Redcorn is Joseph’s father. Dale and Nancy also had a baby girl named Denise. Denise is two years old and is as sassy as her mother. Joseph stands at 6’ 5 and is the star captain of the football team. He enjoys playing video games. He is dating the head cheerleader named Leah. Her parents are from Arlen Heights, but wanted her to go to a school where drugs were not as prevalent. Dale was overthrown as the president of the gun club. He still has his conspiracy theories and has become more and more suspicious of the government. Dale’s Dead Bug has gone bankrupt and he has been trying to find customers to no avail. Nancy was promoted to top anchor after her story on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. 

The Dauterives: Bill is married to a young woman named Illana. Bill enjoys his life being an army barber even more now that he has the love of his life by his side. The guys don’t pick on him as much because his newfound confidence has brought him back to the days before he met Lenore. Illana is twenty-five years old and has a fetish for overweight bald guys. She is absolutely in love with Bill. She is currently pregnant with their first child. She found Bill on the dating site Plenty of Fish. She works in IT with the Arlen Police Department. 

Boomhauer: Boomhauer is still a bachelor. He has moved up to the ranks of the Texas Ranger Division. He is now the lieutenant. He had a cancer scare a year ago and has since become a vegetarian. The guys sometimes make slick remarks about his new lifestyle choice, but he gains respect from them by teaching them some recipes for the grill.

The Platter/Kleinschmidts: Luanne and Lucky enjoy being married to each other as well as being parents to Gracie. Gracie has started school and the Luanne is now able to go back to being a hairstylist full time. Lucky had a job as the manager of a supermarket, but as he was shopping for Christmas presents he slipped and fell on a toy that was in the aisle and further injured his back. He got a nice payout of $100,000. He has been off of work since and doesn’t plan on going back, but they don’t know that yet. 

The Souphanousinphones: Kahn and Minh have been having a rocky marriage ever since Kahn was caught cheating with the secretary at work. They separated for a year and decided to make their marriage work for their daughter. Connie is first violin in the school orchestra. She goes to the prestigious Arlen Heights High School. She is supporting Bobby’s comedy career by being his video editor. She has her heart set on being a marine biologist. 

John Redcorn: John Redcorn is now engaged to an up and coming model named Achak Aditsan. Redcorn met Achak while scouting for talent. She enjoys helping him with bookings and anything that helps him succeed in the entertainment industry. He has yet to use the rest of the land that Dale helped him get. He still produces DVDs of children’s show acts as well as performing for children himself. Achak has met Dale and Nancy and also knows the secret of Joseph’s paternity. She has been sworn to secrecy by the rest of the gang. They let her know that she couldn’t tell Dale or Joseph because it would be detrimental to their marriage and they actually need one another. Redcorn shares joint custody with his daughter Kate. Kate also knows that her brother is Joseph but will not tell him because she knows that it would be the worst decision in her father’s eyes. 

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