How to Date without breaking the bank.

Photograph by @jeremybishop on Unsplash.

Welcome to the first entry of How to Date Without Breaking the Bank.

As we all know dating can be hard and expensive. Dating in DC can be expensive if you’re trying to have an eventful outing. This week I will be telling you about the free comedy show at the Town Tavern DC and the Jumbo Slice a few doors down from it. In total we spent $23.00 for our date.

Let’s start with the comedy show that was at the Town Tavern DC bar in the lively neighborhood of Adams Morgan. Be mindful that there is not a lot of parking there. We found a spot as close to the bar as possible and walked the rest of the way. While walking you’re able to see many restaurants, bars and retail stores. When we arrived one of the comedians approached us about the free comedy show upstairs and we let him know that is exactly what we came for. The tavern is very quaint in its look and very old timey.

We walked up the narrow stairs and in front of us we could see everyone setting up. I absolutely loved the decor which was Harry Potter themed for an event they were having named A Very Wizadry Tavern. The ceiling has floating candles and letters like in Hogwarts. They even had special drinks for the theme such as Liquid Luck Potion, Butter Brew and Unicorn Blood. I felt that the front row would be the best experience because of the funny engagements you can have with the comedians. We opted for their five dollar Well drinks. I had a vodka and cranberry and he had gin and ginger ale. I will admit the drinks were of very good quality for the price. I’ve had Well drinks that were not even worth the five bucks.

The show was hosted by Katie McKelvie from Capital Laughs. Capitol laughs is group of comedians from the DC area who host free comedy shows every night. The show started around 8:15. The whole show was very funny although there were some hits and misses with some of the jokes. One of the misses was one of the comedians referring to me as the other word for a female dog over him mishearing me about knowing Whole Foods. That and another comment he made towards me were the biggest misses to me.

One of my favorite jokes of the night was the comic who is a policeman. He was telling the story of how he and his friends were pulled over and his friends in the back were basically talking crap. We were greeted by one of the comedians when we left the bar. He told me he loved my reactions and that I was having so much fun.

We went to one of the many Jumbo Slice restaurant that was a few doors down from the bar. The pizzeria was very clean and bright. The Jumbo Slice’s customer service we received was excellent. I ordered a jumbo slice of cheese pizza which was $6.00 and he ordered a jumbo slice of pepperoni which was $7.00. The pizza was excellent and definitely jumbo. So big that I was able to take the slice home.

Thank you all for reading my weekly blog about how to be economical about dating.

If you want more information on Capitol Laughs and where they will be performing you can check them out at

If you would like to visit Town Tavern DC Bar and Grill the address is 2323 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009. You can also check out their website

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