Bird Box Movie Review

If you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m sure that you have heard of the newest Netflix movie named Bird Box. This suspenseful movie stars Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Lil Rel, Machine Gun Kelly, Trevante Rhodes, Danielle Mcdonald, and John Malkovich. This movie takes you on a wild and thrilling ride. 

The plot of the movie is that there are monsters that are disguising themselves as loved ones as well as showing themselves in true form. If you look at these monsters who seem to appear through the wind and leaves you will either see them or your loved one and you will soon commit suicide. The movie starts off with Sandra Bullocks character Malorie telling two children that they had to leave and that they needed to keep their blindfolds on and if they didn’t keep them on, she would hurt them. She grabs the three birds that they had in a cage and they began on their journey down the river. 

We are then taken back five years ago where we see that our main character is pregnant. Her sister who is played by American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson drops by to bring food and tells her she needs to leave the house instead of painting in her small studio apartment. Her sister tells her that becoming a mother will change her life, but she is not very interested in being a mother. There is a conversation about the father of her baby who has left the scene and the sister feels that he was just a roommate. The two sisters make their way to the hospital for her ultrasound and is asked whether or not she would like to know what the gender of her child is, but she refuses. After realizing that she really does not want to be a mother her doctor proceeds to give her a pamphlet on adoption. When Malorie is leaving the hospital, she sees that a woman in an orange jumpsuit that was previously seen while she was walking in has begun to hit her head repeatedly on the glass window. This is when the movie begins to get good. They’re driving trying their best to get away from whatever is causing the mass hysteria. Malorie’s sister begins to see something and keeps repeating what is that. She then begins to have tears in her eyes and starts to swerve on the road. 

They end up flipping the car and they are okay. Her sister walks in front of a truck and kills herself. She starts to run and falls a couple of times the last time she falls she ends up at a house with a couple. The wife wants to help her because she is pregnant but as soon as she gets close to Bullock’s character she turns and calls out mom to the air. She then proceeds to enter a burning car and it explodes. Trevante Rhodes character Tom finds her and helps her up they beg to be let inside the house and the owner begrudgingly lets them in. In the house, there are Douglas played by John Malkovich and Greg played by Law and Order’s BD Wong. We are then introduced to Lil Rel’s character Charlie and Machine Gun Kelly’s character and others. After three days pass there is no communication throughout the world and there is a knock at the door. Olympia is let in even though Douglas doesn’t want her there. She is pregnant as well. Greg decides to look at the live feed on the cameras outside the house and is tied up. He sees the monster and ends up cracking his head on a table and dying. We are taken back to the river and there is a man who is trying to get them to take their blindfolds off but Malorie fights him off. The occupants of the house realize that they are running out of food and other items. They make a trip to a store that Charlie worked at. 

In the process of getting the items, the birds in the beginning of the movie are found by Malorie. They hear banging on the loading dock door and it is an infected human. The birds begin to get agitated and Charlie ends up sacrificing himself so that they can live. Malorie and the children end up washing ashore and she finds a hospital. She tells the children not to leave the boat at all. Of course, the little girl does leave the boat and is almost killed by the monsters but is saved by Malorie. Olympia lets in a man named Gary and Douglass wants to kill him, but he is knocked out by Tom. Within the next few days the two women go into labor and while they are having their babies, we find out that Gary is actually an infected person. He brings out drawings of the monsters takes the newspaper off the windows, puts the birds in the freezer, knocks Tom out and opens the garage door on Douglas. He goes upstairs to kill the women and the babies. Olympia jumps out the window and Cheryl stabbed herself with scissors. He has a fight with Douglas and Tom. He kills Douglas and Tom ends up shooting him. Fast forward five years later they are teaching the children to survive and they hear someone on the radio saying that there is a place where they can stay. 

The next day, Tom is killed while fighting off infected survivors. This is when we are taken back to the beginning of the movie. their journey is long and arduous and Malorie has to make the decision who will look so they can get over the rapids. She decides no one will look. Their boat overturns and they find the shore. They end up in the woods where they hear the voice of their loved ones telling them to look at them. Malorie ends up falling and loses the children for a time. The entities keep egging the children to take off their blindfolds. They eventually get away using the birds to guide them. They end up at a house and knock on the door. She pleads with the people inside to let them in or just take the children at least. They are let in and we find out that it is a home for the blind. They have a sanctuary and were not affected because they could not see. Malorie’s doctor walks up to them and is happy to see them alive. She finally names the children the little girl was named Olympia and her son was named Tom. The movie ends with them letting the birds fly around with the other birds in the building.

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